MADE 2.0.0

Powerful text editor for your mobile


  • Handles large text documents
  • Edit multiple documents simultaneously
  • Copy, paste and undo
  • Customisable user environment


  • Text input is still fiddly on this platform

Very good

Let's face it, the built-in notepad application in Windows Mobile isn't exactly the most advanced word processing tool ever. Although I don't do too much writing on my mobile, I have found its lack of features to be a little stifling.

Thankfully, MADE is designed to address some of these limitations and provides an altogether more well-rounded text editor. In fact, the scope of the documents you can create with the program is only really limited by the amount of memory your device houses.

Provided you have the processing power, you can open very large text documents, handle multiple files simultaneously and edit files with different encoding formats (UTF-8 and UCS-2). The program allows you to work with files stored on your internal memory as well as those saved to an expansion card.

However, the thing I like the most about MADE is the sheer range of functions it offers, meaning you can copy, paste and undo changes; customise the text size and font, add bookmarks, and customise the colors of the environment.

If you use your Pocket PC to write anything then MADE makes for a far superior solution than the Windows Mobile notepad.

Made is a small yet powerful text editor for Windows Mobile 2003 devices. The application allows you to work with multiple documents simultaneously and can handle files in UTF-8 and UCS-2 (Little and Big Endian) encodings.

It boasts a number of features designed to enhance production of text documents, including Undo/Redo functionality, customizable fonts and foreground and background colors, and auto-detection of end-of-line type.



MADE 2.0.0

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